Sunday, 11 May 2014

Business Plan in Learning?

Can you create a Business Plan in Learning?

Referring to studies made by McKinsey, they have underlined that from y2014, the problem L&D faces will not be shortage of people but a shortage of 30 to 40 million college educated worked by 2020 that will project future unemployment gaps in India and China where educational opportunities are limited. 

To ensure that L&D in your company has a steady plan for execution, here are some categories that you can adopt.

1. Factors contributing to Retention (managerial excellence, recognition and rewards, flexible work environment, online tools, corporate mission and purpose)
2. Factors contributing to Talent(attracting and acquiring talent, Extending talent, Managing and Developing Talent, Understanding and Planning Talent)

You also need:
1. An updated leadership program
2. A new model for sourcing and recruiting
3. A new model for performance management
4. A major change in the compensation strategy

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