Sunday, 16 March 2014

Audit your Staff before they go for trainings

Why are staff the same even after completing their training sessions/ consulting sessions or online simulations learning?

TLMM has confirmed this to be true! The answer is you will need to audit your staff and place them in various tools of assessment processors.  Here are examples that we have found online.

Type of assessment processors in various stages of employee selection

1.       Random Hiring

2.       Unstructured Interviewing

3.       Structured behavioral Interview

4.       Knowledge and Skills Test

5.       Personality Test

6.       Cognitive Ability Test

7.       Job Specific Assessment Solution

 TLMM has come across many Training Directors being dissatisfied with the way why their staff are still the same and no changes seen, even though training programs were conducted repetitively.  Of course as a customer, the first to be finger pointed is the trainer themselves who did not give a lasting impact to their teams even though follow ups and coaching methods were conducted.

My friends, believe me, the fault is not on the trainer matched but on the company’s training plan itself.   TLMM can find high grade trainers even from The White House, and fly them over to your office to be trained but if you don’t have the right methods and right people in place, I promise you, the impact of your training can only last 6 to 12 months at the most.  Your staff will be back to their own self again, regardless how great they are!

What is the solution?

Answer: Audit your staff before they are plotted on your training plans to attend trainings/consultations/online simulation learnings.

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